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Jul 3, 2012 4:30am PDT
says the organization supports jackson 100%. >>> a texas graduate student out of critical condition at a south africa hospital after being maul by chimps he was studying. he was between two fences in an area known as a no-go one chimp reached under an electric fence and grabbed his feet they dragged him and tore into him. experts say the chimps were protecting their territory. after signatures hours of surgery the 26-year-old is in an induced coma with a broken arm and torn ligaments, he has lost fingers and toes. >> he's sedated seriously ill, as we know. he is stable. >> his family says they have no doubt that he will continue to do whatever work with chimps he's able to do, because that has always been his passion. >> they are so powerful, people underestimate how much damage -- >>> [ inaudible ] >>> new help thousands of californians struggling to keep their homes may be getting. >>> more than two legal parents? why local lawmakers fighting back to school time means back to school germs. that's why lysol partners with schools to help teach healthy habits, habits you can reinforc
Jul 31, 2012 4:30am PDT
of high pressure in south texas. just close enough that the hot air will come and sit inland . tomorrow and thursday. you want wet weather you have to head down to california. and we'll not get near that. you can see them off in the defense. low to mid-90s. 80s around l-- hercules. midcents in san mateo. and low to mid-60s in the coast and downtown san francisco. heading in the north bay. temperatures in the mid80 to 90 degrees and in and around monterey 65 . low 90s around morganil had. fresnoat 103 and sunny and 81 in tahoe. warmest days in the forecast and temperatures will aper as we head in the weekended go morning. >> good morning, mike. problem in westbound 205. one lane opened until 7:00. chp ask that you avoid the area if at all possible. tracey boulevard to coral hollow and westbound 580 and stockton to say on the highway and on to westbound 580. we'll look at our ways app traffic spotter. traffic is spotted in through the tracey area and on into and over the hill. once again coral hollow here and alternate routes look better for you if you are heading out of the central valle
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2